H&M International Sales has served as a global product distributor for 30 years. We work directly distributors, retailers, and brand owners on a worldwide basis.


We work closely and provide the support our partnered distributors need.


We are committed and provide transportation needs for our retailers.


We help in delivering a full branding model to our partners.




Global Product Distributor


The company was founded in 1991. Today its+25,000 square feet of facilities serve customers internationally. The mission of the corporation is to provide for a wide variety of Household, Health and Beauty Care Products by Exporting and Importing on a global basis. The company expanded in 1996 into the frozen food business. Facilities were upgraded to include state of the art frozen and refrigerated storage in order to meet the demands of its International customers. The company realized it was in a position to help many of their frozen foods customers to obtain special orders from the USA to overseas markets and vice versa. The company moved into non-frozen food products on a spot buying basis for its clients worldwide. Our business demands and delivers management procedures that can measure efficiencies and accuracies down to the last detail. By Y2000, H&M began responding to client requests to do the walking for them as a buying service for many categories of products.From this came the need to help our clients and stores introduce products from one culture to another.